Frenzy Sports 'Multi - Sport'

School Programs

Football Frenzy runs a 'Frenzy Sports' Multi-Sport Program which provides fun and educational sport activities for students in preschool and primary school. We focus on teaching students about the importance of physical activity and living a healthy lifestyle from a young age. This is done by providing specialised Football, Basketball, AFL/Rugby, Tennis, Dance, Athletics and Gymnastics sessions which are accompanied by the education of our 'Healthy Living Mechanisms'.

Pre-School & Primary School Sport

The in school sport programs run for 10 weeks in correlation with New South Wales school terms. Programs will run during school hours, offering 20-35 minute session for preschoolers and 45-60 minute sessions for primary school students. Programs are catered to specific age groups and meet Australian EYLF and PDHPE curriculum standards. 

Frenzy Sports In School Sport Programs also include education on how to live a healthy lifestyle. 'Healthy Living Mechanisms' are taught to students through presentations and interactive coaching throughout the term. 


Preschool prices range from $6 - $9 per child/per session.

Primary School prices range from $4 - $8 per child/per session.


Special school group packages/prices are also available upon request.

Program examples are available upon request. 

*Each school is allowed a one week trial period.

Before & After School Care

Our before and after school care programs are fun and leisurely sessions, where students take part in a rotational multi-sport program. The hourly programs take place on school grounds during the following times:

  • 7.15am to 8.15am

  • 3.15pm to 4.15pm

Prices per session range from $10 - $13 per child. Special group packages/prices are also available upon request.

Before and After school care participants are able to use their $100 active kids voucher for this program.

*Each school is allowed a one week trial period.





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